3 People That Inspired Me in February

Here you have my top 3 people who I got inspired from in February. I thought that for some of you this sites and the content might be useful and entertaining so feel free to check them out and let me know your opinion.

Once a month I will try to make a short list of a few favorite people, posts or comments that inspired me along the month that just passed. Everyday I find great articles and every morning I see plenty of notifications for new blog posts therefore it was really hard to pick just 3, but from everything that stand out on my list of blogs I followed last month, here is my top three.

  1. The Nectar Collective – because I’m at the very beginning of this journey called blogging I found tons of useful stuff to learn from this site. Once you find them, you always find a reason to go back…oh and not to mention how useful is the free library of eBooks and worksheets right after you subscribe.
  2. Fitness On Toast – because we are never too fit, thin or healthy. Really great interviews, travel logs and countless healthy recipes to keep you on track.
  3. Alex Beadon – found Alex’s video on YouTube and her multi-passionate, adventurous, positive attitude got my attention. I love her confidence in all her articles, “You have everything you need to succed”-she says.

Who are the people you are following? Where is the place you find inspiration? Would you mind share with me?


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